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As one of the pioneers in the industry, Peck Tiong Choon started out in 1955, before Singapore was independent.

Throughout the years, we have grown to become a well-established and trusted name in the industry.


Established since 1955, Peck Tiong Choon has evolved over the decades. We started out as a collector of junk items like bottles and oil drums, and invested in lorries to transport these items. As Singapore started to develop with many construction projects, we began supporting the earthmoving industry. Soon we started acquiring and supplying cranes to meet climbing demands. From there, we expanded our fleet to include trailers and grew to where we are today.

In 1972, Peck Tiong Choon Pte Ltd was incorporated and subsequently registered as an assets-holding company and service provider, growing into a group of companies engaging in heavy vehicles/equipment related activities supporting the civil engineering, construction, marine and petrochemical industries.


In 2016, we restructured our business activities with our subsidiary companies to focus and specialise in different types of services to better meet the changing demands of the industry. Our subsidiaries include Peck Tiong Choon Transport Pte Ltd, Peck Tiong Choon Leasing Pte Ltd and Peck Tiong Choon Logistics Pte Ltd.

We are also a major shareholder of Tiong Seng Holdings Limited, a construction and real estate development company listed on the Singapore Exchange.

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